About This Project

Our Story…

This project began by our desire to help endangered species. As artists, we searched for a way to truly give more profoundly than financial donations when we could afford it. With this project, we felt we would be giving more of ourselves by offering a beautiful product to those who also wished to protect endangered species around the globe. Our focus of “Color Me Free™” was, at first, to create coloring books that would educate people on the issue of each endangered animal, while helping to create a more peaceful and meditative space for the colorist. Then, as the idea grew to include wearable art, hand-colored by the wearers themselves, we realized this would allow us the opportunity to gift to those magnificent creatures who are struggling to be free from snares, guns, poison, poachers, trophy hunters, nets, tanks, cages or being served as a main course or used in superstitious practices of inept virility. We wish, as most people on the planet wish, to allow all sentient beings to live freely the life they are entitled to live.

We have chosen to carry both organic cotton t-shirts, made here in the US, for those to whom this is important as well as a line made of natural micromodal (european birch tree fiber) fabric from Turkey. Natural fibers such as bamboo, rayon and micromodal are organic only from the start. Though the material is labeled “organic” because the original plant was organically grown, the fiber itself, in actuality is not. Solvents are used to dissolve the cellulose durıng the spinning process in order to create yarn. We prefer truth in advertising as the process used to break these fibers down are a non-organic process. Though we legally can, like many do, call it organic, we will not. As well we desire to be hands on with our clothing manufacturing and are choosing to stay in the US with an ethical production company that insures fair wages and treatment. Our goal is to help humans all over the planet to live happier, healthier and kinder lives. By doing this, we can begin to help others be kinder to their fellow beings on this planet, be it the abandoned dog or cat or the endangered species we are losing daily at an alarming rate.

When someone purchases any products in the “Color Me Free™” line, we will be donating a minimum of 25% to one or more specific endangered species projects. Most companies who give to projects, as we are doing, average about 10%. To us that felt really light and we felt we could do more.